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The service "Guarantor of transactions" company "Citygamers" - a service that allows you to protect your resources (cash or online) and be confident in the reliability of the transaction. Our clients use the “guarantor of transactions” in a variety of situations. For example, you want to buy or sell any online product that you own (your resource), you have found buyers / suppliers and are ready to make a deal, but you cannot be sure about your partner, or he is not sure about you. To make a comfortable transaction, you can use the service "Guarantor of transactions", i.e. the company "Citygamers" will act as an intermediary, and you will be able to protect yourself from the unfair seller / buyer.

Algorithm for provision of transaction guarantor services:

1. You want to buy / sell a resource (character, thing, etc.).
2. You find the seller / buyer (and negotiate the price).
3. You contact the company "Citygamers" for the provision of services of the guarantor of the transaction.
4. "Seller" transfers the resource to the operator of the company. The operator checks this resource, after verifying the accuracy of the data, the company confirms the correctness of the transaction, and the "buyer" transfers the amount (+ transaction fee) to the Citygamers account
5. You get the "required" (resource or money).


The commission of "Citygamers" is 3-10% of transaction amount, depending on complexity.